Have you ever felt like starting over…maybe reinventing yourself? Well 2 years ago when a new land mass that appears to be a similar size to the continent you are on now was found, there were plenty going to take the plunge…
The largest countries launched a dozen ships to this ‘new undiscovered land’. The deal was if you helped build the colony you would be given land and aid by the different kingdoms. It was a promise of a new future. The Wizards Guild sent a dozen rather well trained and experienced war wizards, and another 2 dozen apprentices to help. Each country sent elite guards, and many mercenaries signed up for the adventure. It should have been the most well secured group to ever leave port.
3 weeks after they made contact that they landed, contact was lost. 4 colonies vanished overnight. The Portal Gate symbols would not even activate.
Last year a second expedition was sent, part rescuer part explorer. 2 arcmages, and a mighty general lead this team. No word has ever been herd of them landing.

And so now word has spread of one final attempt to claim this wilderness. Most are too scared to try. It is only the foolish, or the desperate trying. No country officially would send support, but a black sheep prince was still willing to try.

Prince Ken Daggerdale (of the dale lands) has just finished a new warship…the HMS defender. It has thick oak sides, and according to his boasts is the fastest and toughest ship ever built. He is planning on escorting 2 galleons of people to this new land, and claim it. He has reached out to the merchant houses, and the kingdoms, and the mage guild and the druid counsel…and they all had but one answer. “It is not worth the trouble, it is suicide to go”.

So instead he now sends word across the continent, that those willing should be at the docks on sun set of the equinox. He will go alone if necessary.

Word has spread, and rumors have grown. It is said that as much as none of the powers that be are sending official help, many believe they are rooting for this underdog expedition.

Are you ready to EXPLORE ?!?!?!?

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The New World

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